From our platform of weakness

There’s much to say. As usual!Judestandingonbike

For those that may be new to our story I hope you find this space to be an encouraging testimony of faithfulness. God has been faithful. We’re simply on the receiving end of his great mercy. Our family has weathered a storm, and in some ways the storm just keeps raging. Yet God has given us his strength to endure the rain and wind again and again.

We want this space to simply be a means for us to communicate God’s continued care for our family. Judah & the Lion has a lyric on their most recent album that says “I want to sing about hope in desperate situations,” and I’ve sort of clung to that as a mission statement.

Quite honestly, some days it still feels like we’re still in a desperate situation. We’ve weathered additional storms this past year that have left us even more exhausted. Yet there’s a certain hope that keeps us going.

Greg and I often refer to the platform of weakness we’ve been given. This is how we view all that has happened. Our family’s darkest hour has served to spotlight some really incredible attributes of God. We’ve been given a platform of weakness to show God’s all-sufficient strength.

Jude’s CaringBridge gave us a space to update family and friends about Jude’s recovery. We’re hoping this space will serve in the same way…while also inviting other people into the story that God is writing.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Stay tuned for further updates about Team Hill!

One thought on “From our platform of weakness

  1. Our God is an amazing God and Jude is evidence of that! This recent picture leaves me absolutely speechless. I still think you should write a book. Your posts are always inspirational, faithful, and encouraging for all who read them.


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