Things I’m thinking on, reading about, and learning…

Interesting stats on women in the Church:

It’s a relief to see this from John Piper…but I also want to point out that so many African American brothers and sisters have already been leading us here and it seems pertinent to acknowledge their ongoing clarity on this when it can come at such a high cost for them. I think Piper will get pushback here too, but I’m so glad he’s saying it.

David French on The Spiritual Blessing of Political Homelessness

This generated some controversy…and I can see why. These are pointed words and we would do well to patiently listen. Christina Barland Edmondson and The Shocking Necessity of Racist Violence

Scott Sauls on Empathy in the Race Conversation.

I’m paying attention to the ongoing conflicts within reformed circles about gender, spiritual and sexual abuse, and the standards of behavior for those in leadership. It’s all very concerning. Who is Valued in the OPC?

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